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"What do you need from me as a manager to succeed?"

This is one of the most important questions that a manager should ask his employee from time to time.

such manager:

1. Expresses interest and care.

2. Demonstrates managerial courage.

3. Learns and understands things.

4. Creates positive and good communication with his employees.

Yifat Vanunu Lupo, senior organizational consultant and developer of the 2talk concept and kit.

Are you an HR manager? looking to refresh feedback conversations in your organization? Come and learn about an innovative new tool for managing these important conversations.

One of the most significant arenas of managing manager-employee relationships is in the process of evaluation and feedback conversations.

The evaluation processhas two components:
The assessment component - the summarizing ingredient in the process, looking back at the past. This aspect is formal, and typically involves using a form, guiding questions, etc. Both the manager and the employee summarize and evaluate the employee's performance.

2.The feedback conversation–is the designing ingredient in the evaluation process. In this arena, the process between the employee and the manager takes place, which will affect what will happen in the future (unlike an evaluation focusing on the past).

It is important to remember that behavioral change, whether it is retention or improvement, is achieved through the feedback conversation rather than the evaluation form. Therefore, having a productive feedback conversation is critical.
A common bias in the evaluation process is to overly focus on the assessment component at the expense of the feedback conversation component. This can limit the potential of the evaluation process as a tool for designing and improving future performance, which ultimately affects the employee's performance in the long run.
The 2talk concept and kit were born from this perspective. They aim to help managers lead productive and formative feedback conversations.
2talk kits are integrated as elements of the conversation, and become a core part of the evaluation process existing in the organization.
The method of integration varies from organization to organization, depending on which aspects of the existing evaluation process they wish to preserve.

Overall, the 2talk kit is an excellent resource for HR managers looking to improve feedback conversations and drive meaningful behavioral change within their organizations.

The  2talk cards can be purchased both as digital kits and as physical kits

For an introductory meeting (without obligation) or to order a kit, please contact us

The 2talk concept talks about several things:

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