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stories from life


In my youth, I loved reading Attorney Zvi Lidsky's column in Laishah. Zvi Lidsky was a criminal attorney, and every week he wrote a fascinating story about his experiences in the profession. 

In my work as an organizational consultant, whether it's in an open workshop for managers, team development, personal counseling or any other meeting, personal or group, I come across fascinating stories, some of which, while changing identifying details of course for the consultant, the team or the organization, I will bring here._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

I usually incorporate stories from life into my activity, not necessarily my experiences as a consultant, but my encounters during life with characters or events that make me think or learn something. I will also bring these stories, which many times just come to me spontaneously while talking in workshops or in a meeting, here.

have a fun read.

"They don't like to ask questions. They like to dictate".

This is how a young hyticist whom I have been accompanying for the past few months described to me the conversation he had with his manager.

The background: many departures recently. The organization is under pressure. The senior manager ordered the managers under him to hold conversations with the people, to be on the pulse.

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A short story about persistence

The rain came, it's cold and wet outside, and it reminded me of a short story from a long time ago.

Many years ago, when I was still young and beautiful, I worked in Japan selling jewelry, at "Basta" - a street shop.   

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About Sinai, a cute boy and a lesson about success

Warm sun caresses my face. I am sprawled on the endless sand. The waves crash onto the shore. Quiet. peace Pleasant. rest.

In the background, distant sounds of different languages and children playing. Sinai shores...

A conversation between a mother and her son cuts through the background noises and gains focus.                                                             To continue reading...

"A lazy man works with a long thread to save labor, But it ended in a big tangle, and double work!"

Girls' craft class (it used to be like this...), 5th grade. I'm quite bored in class, (hopefully Haviva,  the art teacher, will forgive me for saying that). But this poster, which hangs in the classroom for the whole year, catches my eyes every time and I sail away from the classroom thinking about the meaning of things.         

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