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Help Israel Heal.

Israelis are traumatized. You can help.

We are NOT okay.

The horrific attack on October 7th has caused an unprecedented level of trauma to Israelis. The effects extend far beyond the victims, their families, the first responders, and the tens of thousands who have been displaced from their homes and are living like refugees in their own country. The entire nation is reeling.



Virtually every family in Israel is living with near-constant rocket sirens and spending their nights in explosion-resistant shelters. Schools are closed and hospitals are in war-time mode.


There are not nearly enough mental health professionals to tackle the depth and scope of this trauma.

איור ילד בוכה.jpg

The 2talk Resilience Kit is the answer. It’s a first aid kit for mental health.

This set of “game” cards is an emotional educational resource for schools and families unlike any other, created by Israel’s preeminent 2talk team, a psychology consultancy with over four decades of combined experience in clinical and organizational practice in trauma care and resilience-building.


In order to get these kits out to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, we are offering them at cost. We need sponsors to help us to supply them for free to educators and anyone who is in need.


The kits are being printed by Be’eri Printing, a company that is part of Kibbutz Be’eri, one of the communities invaded by terrorists on October 7th.

So, your sponsorship will not only help those who receive the donated kits, you’ll also be helping Kibbutz Be’eri recover!

Each kit costs NIS 140 (about $35 USD). 

For donors of 15 kits or more, if you’d like to include a personal note of encouragement or dedicate your donation in the name of a loved one, we will provide translation services to Hebrew and ensure your recipient(s) receive this information.

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