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2talk managerial workshop

A practical and meaningful workshop, which connects managers to new insights in managing their relationships with the people in the work environment, primarily their employees.

Yifat Vanunu Lupo, senior organizational consultant and developer of the 2talk concept and kit.

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Customers testimonials

"I really liked the workshop yesterday, and the cards are great! I've already sent a picture of it to my team, and they should expect a hit 😎"
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The importance of managing relationships between managers and employees is critical to motivation, retention, engagement, and meeting business goals. While this has always been essential, it is even more vital in today’s corporate world.

The 2talk model for managing organizational relationships is based on the concept of relationships. It facilitates significant conversations in the organization, including: team, personal, feedback, cross-sectional conversations and more.

As a highly experienced organization consultant, I have formulated this model to help managers positively influence the motivation of their employees. In addition to the model and concept, I have developed the 2talk kit, a practical tool that helps managers communicate effectively and build better relationships with their employees.

The 2talk workshop trains managers to conduct a conversation based on real listening. Listening that would allow them to be more connected, more influential, and make them better managers.

The 2talk workshop is a practical and important workshop for every manager! The workshop receives excellent feedback from a variety of organizations from different worlds: high-tech, startups, traditional industry, public sector and more.

Some of the feedbacks to 2talk kit:

"C. had talks with her team and with B. this morning, and you don't understand how it opened them up, they loved it! She says they are having a crazy high energy all day long!" (Lilach, VP of HR Targetcol)

"We now completed 3 hours! Instead of an hour and a half! It was perfect! Your magic cards did the job. Barriers were broken, the conversation was open, we laughed and also learned. Fascinating!" (summary of a round-table activity in Miami, with 2talk cards).

"Listen, your tool - it's just genius! This idea that the employee selects the questions - works great!" (VP of Research and Development, Biotechnology Company).

What's in the 2talk workshop?

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