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2talk kits:

2talk kits include 68 cards with questions, divided into 11 different categories relevant to the world of work and relationships in organizations.

2talk kits are designed to help manage significant conversations in the organization, including:

1. Personal conversations.

2. Feedback conversations.

3. Periodic conversations.

4. Team conversations and team meetings.

5.Employee's growth and development conversations.

The kits are available in Hebrew and in English, both in physical and digital format.

For further details, go to the following page: 

And now, all that's left is to get in touch, according to your preferences:

To experience and get an impression of the questions, touch the card. You can also increase.

Me and my manager_4
Back of a card_2talk9 manager feedback
Organizational feedback_5
This is me_12
This is me_9
Back of a card_2talk8 me and my manager
Back of a card_2talk7 motivation
Back of a card_2talk6 this is me
Back of a card_2talk5 organizational feedback
Dreams and aspirations_7
Back of a card_2talk4 (1) introspection
Back of a card_2talk3 colleagues
Me and my colleagues_2
Dreams and aspirations_2
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