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Manager development process



The new world of work, characterized by the reality of VUCA, (that is, a reality of volatility and constant change, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) which has increased even more since the outbreak of the corona virus and caused many changes in the world of work. You no longer need the office to work, you no longer have to meet to hold a meeting. What was true yesterday is not necessarily true today and certainly not tomorrow, and the world brings us changes and surprises on a daily level, starting with a lack of spare parts and ending with the war between Russia and Ukraine, which affect us all in one way or another (due to the complexity of the global world). All these call for managers in different organizations diverse challenges and confrontations.

What is the manager's role in this context?

This reality meets the managerial responsibility that the manager has always had towards his employees. The employee's need for a relationship with a manager that has elements of trust, connection, and openness actually prevailed in the new world of work, over the moment of physical and geographic distance, which is characterized by purposefulness and efficiency. The eyes are even more focused on the manager, who should provide security and certainty in a world where there is no certainty.

Much has been said about the significant role of the direct manager in the context of employee management.

The relationship with the direct manager was found to have the most critical effect on the motivation of the employees and hence of course affects the bottom line - the ability of the team / unit to achieve its business goals.

Even when managers understand the complexity that exists in the corporate world, it is difficult for them to translate it into practice and daily operations.

What is the managers development process?

The managers development process will deal with the managerial skills required in the new and changing world of work, while adapting to the dilemmas and issues that concern the participants.

The managers development process will deal with topics such as:

  • Perceiving the role of manager

  • Employee motivation

  • 2talk - personal conversation as a tool for building trust and managing relationships

  • Positive psychology and the strengths approach.

  • Dealing with conflicts

  • Administrative routines

  • team building

  • Managing a feedback talk

  • Employee retention

  • Management and communication styles

  • The manager as a mentor

  • Hiring a new employee

  • Remote management / hybrid management


all The managers development process is built uniquely for the organization in which it is delivered and while adapting the content to the participants.


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