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Development of teams and management

In today's working reality, most of us work in teams.

Our ability as a team to work together in cooperation, critically affects the ability of the team and the organization to succeed, that is, to exhaust its capabilities and achieve its goals.

Teamwork has a dual purpose:

One of mission oriented: work in synergy, consultation, backup, "messenger race" and more.

The second is emotional: a sense of belonging, organizational connectedness and more.

Naturally, teams face conflicts at one point or another. Some build the team and some may tear the team apart, structurally or emotionally.

A team development process allows the team to find the way to good synergistic work.

An organizing model for the process:

According to this model, teamwork is based on four components:

relations- Building trust, collegiality and mutual appreciation among the board members.

processes- Teamwork routines and norms of dealing with each other.

roles- Team members know what is required of them in the hat of management members. Clear division boundaries in the functional roles and proper interface work.

goals– A common definition of success. Clarity and agreement on the business goals and challenges facing the team. Agreement on the mission of the team. A clear agenda for achieving the goals.

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