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2talk concept

​Over the years, I have come to realize that a significant part of organizational success is based on the relationships within it: relationships between managers and employees, between various interfaces, and more. Conversations are a critical skill in effectively managing communication and relationships within the workplace and in our life relationships. In this context, in today’s contemporary work environment, several managerial challenges arise.


Some time ago, I posted an Employee-Manager Communication Questionnaire, asking a simple question:

What are the 3 questions that you would like your manager to ask you in a personal conversation?

To gain a better understanding and perspective, I included follow-up questions, such as:

1. How much would you like to have such a conversation?

2. Are you currently satisfied with the frequency of the conversations between you and your manager?

Analyzing the results of the questionnaire revealed a fascinating picture.

The leading answer to the question ‘what employees most desire to be asked by their managers’ is:

How are you?

What is the level of satisfaction with the current frequency of conversations? Moderate – low satisfaction.

How much would you like to have such a conversation? Want to – want very much.

And this answer is transglobal. Employees from various sectors, genders, ages, and organizational levels shared this sentiment.


Is this surprising?

In reality, there is always a "market of buyers", and organizations compete for the hearts of their employees with offerings like higher salaries and pampering work environments. However, the most straightforward solution is often overlooked.

Ask her how she is doing, but for real. Stop for a moment. Show interest in him.

Showing interest is relevant to all of us. This simple gesture makes us feel seen, significant, and cared for.

While we are all busy chasing tasks, taking a moment to show interest is essential. It is the right way and the shortest way to building a positive relationship with your employees. As a manager, there are no shortcuts.


2talk Card Set

As an organizational consultant with over 20 years of experience working with managers in organizations, I have developed the 2talk Kit to help individuals have productive conversations based on real listening, caring, and showing interest. These elements form the foundation for building trust and effectively manage relationships within organizations and beyond.

The 2talk kit comprises 50 cards, containing questions covering a range of topics related to the world of work. These questions can facilitate open and honest conversations between team members, managers, subordinates, and others in the organization.

The kit is an effective tool for managing relationships within organizations and can be purchased independently. However, to maximize its potential, it is recommended to use the kit together with a workshop or lecture for the organization. It is also available as a personal consultation kit.

The 2talk Card Set is available in both Hebrew and English.


ערכת 2talk במשפחה

ערכת 2talk לארגונים   

ערכת 2talk
חוסן בגובה העיניים

Me and my manager_6
Me and my colleagues_4
Me and my manager_4
Back of a card_2talk3 colleagues
Dreams and aspirations_8
Dreams and aspirations_5
This is me_8
This is me_5
Organizational feedback_6
Back of a card_2talk9 manager feedback

I would like to order 2talk kit

I would like to hear some more

ערכת קלפי 2talk
אני יועצת ארגונית העובדת מעל 20 שנים עם מנהלים בארגונים.

ערכות 2talk אותן פיתחתי, מסייעת להפוך שיחות לשיחות טובות, בעלות ערך ועניין.

ערכת 2talk לארגונים היא ערכה המיועדת למנהלים בארגון ומכוונת לסייע להם לנהל שיחה טובה, הכוללת הקשבה אמיתית, אכפתיות ועניין. כל אלו מהווים בסיס חשוב וטוב לבניית אמון ולניהול נכון של מערכות היחסים שלנו בארגונים (ובכלל).

בערכת 2talk כ70 קלפים, בהם סדרה של שאלות בתחומים שונים הקשורים בעולם העבודה ובחיים בכלל. שאלות אלו מהוות בסיס לשיחה פתוחה וכנה בין אנשים בארגון: צוותים, מנהלים וכפיפים ועוד. 

לקריאה על ערכות 2talk במשפחה לחצ.י כאן.

לקריאה על ערכות 2talk חוסן בגובה העיניים לחצ.י כאן.


איך משתמשים בערכות 2talk לארגונים?

ניתן להזמין הרצאה / סדנא למנהלים אשר בה נחבר אותם לתפיסת 2talk לניהול מערכות יחסים משמעותיות בארגון, וכן נקנה להם את המיומנות לעשות זאת. במהלך הסדנא כל מנהל יקבל ערכת 2talk בה יוכל להשתמש באופן שוטף בעבודתו. חשוב לציין כי הערכות מתאימות למגוון שיחות, החל משיחות משוב, שיחות אמצע, המשך בשבירת שגרה חוויתית בישיבת צוות וכלה בתהליך פיתוח צוות עמוק. לא מעט מנהלים גם משתפים כי לקחו את הערכות לשיחות בתוך המשפחה.

ניתן גם לרכוש את הערכות לבדן, ללא סדנא או הרצאה, אם להכנה פנימית של הארגון לשיחות השונות או לסיום קורסי מנהלים וכדומה.


ניתן לרכוש את הערכות בעברית או באנגלית. הערכות קיימות גם בפורמט דיגיטלי המתאימות לשיחות מרחוק, לארגונים גלובליים ואחרים. הפורמט הדיגיטלי קיים באנגלית בלבד.


And what are the impressions from the 2talk process?

"This year in mid-term discussions, it was important for us to give the stage to the employees, and bring them to a state in which they feel comfortable bringing up the issues that are important to them.
Yifat Vanunu Lupo's 2Talk cards were excellent for this purpose.
We asked the managers to allow the employees to choose questions that they wanted the manager to ask them, and in fact, that way the employees could select the topics that were important to them to give rise to the conversation they wished to discuss.
In the process, we held workshops for managers and trainings for the employees. Most managers connected and felt the workshops were different, innovative, and they liked the idea and the new framing of the conversation.

A week and a half ago we set off with excellent conversations and feedback, both from the managers and the employees. It appears that using the cards created more meaningful and deeper conversations that gave rise to topics that would not have come up without using the cards; also, the communicative and open managers had discovered new things about their employees.

The managers felt that the employees were more open and sharing, and a good atmosphere was created, which led to meaningful dialogues."

Keren Moskovich, VPHR Guardknox.

“Hi Yifat dear, the team's responses to the workshop are amazing!
Many thanks for a fascinating, enriching, and educational workshop that connects us to the strongest foundation of relationships - good and open communications.

The cards and questions are amazingly accurate! A powerful and professional tool that is important for every manager. Some photos from the workshop ❤️ Many thanks Tal”

​Tal Verbner, CEO of Hito

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