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2talk concept

Over the years I realized that a significant part of organizational success is based onThe relationshipsIn the organization: relationships between managers and employees, relationships between interfaces and, is an important skill in our ability to successfully manage thecommunicationwith those around us and hence the relationships. The contemporary work environment poses quite a fewmanagerial challengesIn this context.

A while ago I postedEmployee Manager Communication Questionnaire. In the questionnaires I asked a simple question:

What are the 3 questions you would like your manager to ask you in a personal conversation?

As a companion to the question, and in order to get a better picture, I added follow-up questions, including:

1. How much would you like such a conversation to take place?

2. Are you currently satisfied with the frequency with which such conversations take place, between you and your manager?

Analyzing the results of the questionnaires revealed a fascinating picture.

The answer that appeared in the first place, that is, the question that employees most want their managers to ask them is:

How are you?

How satisfied are they with how often this is currently happening?Moderately - low satisfaction.

How much would you like such a conversation to take place?Want to want very much.

And this answer is clear. Cross gender. Cross-age. Across organizational sectors (high-tech / old industry, etc.), across organizational levels.

Is this surprising?

In our reality where there is a "buyer's market", and the various organizations compete for the heart of the employee, those who can offer a higher salary, a more pampering work environment and more and more in general, the real answer is right under your nose.

Ask her how she is doing. But really. stop a moment Be interested in him.

This interest is relevant to each of us. She is what makes us feel that we are seen, that we are significant. that you care about us

True, we all work hard, and there is no time, chasing the tasks.

But at the end of the day, the right way is also the shortest way.

And for the manager, he has no shortcuts.

2talk card set
I am an organizational consultant who has been working with managers in organizations for over 20 years.

The 2talk kit that I developed is designed to help you have a good conversation, which includes real listening, caring and interest. All of these are an important and good basis for building trust and properly managing our relationshipsin organizations  (and in general).

The 2talk kit is made up of 50 cards, including a series of questions in various fields related to the world of work, these questions form the basis for an open and honest conversation between people in the organization: teams, managers and subordinates and more. 

Believes that you can contribute to the management of relationships in the organization.

The kits can be purchased independently, but it is recommended to connect to their potential through  a workshop, a lecture for the organization. Also available as a personal consultation.

The kits can be purchased in Hebrew or English.

And what are the impressions from the 2talk process?

"This year in mid-term talks, it was important for us to give the employees the stage and bring them to a situation where they feel comfortable bringing up the issues that are important to them.
Yifat and Nuno Lupo's 2Talk cards were excellent for this purpose. 
We asked the managers to allow the employees to choose questions that they were interested in the manager asking them and in fact that way the employees could choose the topics that were important to them to flood and bring the conversation to their places.
In the process we held workshops for managers and training for employees.  Most managers connected and felt in the workshops that it was different, innovative  and liked the idea and the new framing for the conversation.
A week and a half ago we set off with excellent conversations and feedback, both from the managers and the employees. It appears that the use of the cards   created more meaningful and deeper conversations that were flooded with topics that would not have come up without the use of the cards and also communicative and open managers discovered new things about their employees. 
The managers felt that the employees were more open and sharing and a good atmosphere was created   which led to meaningful dialogues."


Karen Moskowitz, VPHR Guardknox.



Hi Yifat dear, the team's responses to the workshop are amazing! 
Many thanks for a fascinating, enriching and educational workshop that connects us to the strongest foundation of relationships - good and open communication.
The cards and questions are amazingly accurate! A powerful and professional tool that is important for every manager. Some photos from the workshop ❤️ Many thanks Tal

Tal Verbner, CEO of Hito

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