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HR manager?

Come  to the webinar that will deal with an innovative approach to managing organizational feedback talks, using  2talk concept and kits!

The webinar will take place on Zoom on September 26 2023, at 10:00 AM, for an hour and a half (in hebrew).

New!! 2talk kits available now in digital version (English only)

Introduction with 2talk cards for developing a meaningful conversation:

תמונה יפעת 2_edited.jpg

יפעת ונונו-לופו,
יועצת ארגונית, מפתחת 2talk, מומחית לתהליכי פיתוח מנהלים.

יריב לבלנג,
יועץ ארגוני, מומחה לתהליכי פיתוח מנהלים.

 I would love to participate in the webinar! 👇

Thank you for your registration! An invitation to the webinar will be sent to an email

what's in the webinar?

A significant part of organizational success is based on the relationships within it: relationships between managers and employees, between various interfaces, and more. Conversations are a critical skill in effectively managing communication and relationships within the workplace and in our life relationships. In this context, in today’s contemporary work environment, several managerial challenges arise.

There are several opportunities to have a meaningful conversation between manager and employee, the main ones of which happen during the annual feedback talks and the mid-year talks that takes place about six months later.


A good conversation, whether a feedback talk, a mid-year talk or a personal talk is one based on listening and honest and genuine interest. The way to do this is by asking questions.

Come to the webinar where you will get to know 2talk, 

A new and interesting tool for conducting valuable conversations between the people in the organization.


The tool is intended for managers and is suitable for every organization and every manager, who understands the importance of communication with his employees.

If you prefer you to talk or order a kit earlier - you can just send a WhatsApp 

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