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In today’s "post-corona" era characterized by hybrid work and various “aftershock” trends in the labor market, the most prominent of which is the "movement trend", where people move from one workplace to another easily and quickly, ‘engagement’ is generally declining.

Another consequence of the social isolation that characterized the COVID-19 pandemic and its presence today as hybrid work is the feeling of distance, and interpersonal relationships in the organization are being harmed.

Zoom meetings and similar tools can provide focused, in-depth, short, and effective meetings, precisely due the less dominant interpersonal component compared with face-to-face meetings and “by the way” conversations.

This had led to a reality where attempts to retain or attract employees through various materialistic and creative rewards are made, while the emotional need, calling for attention, actually increases.

The concept of 2talk highlights the importance of relationships in the organization, with a critical focus on the manager-employee relationship as a factor in motivation, employee retention, engagement, meeting business goals, and more.

The significance of managing relationships in the organization has always existed, but it has become even more crucial in the corporate world’s current reality.


At the core of the 2talk model for managing organizational relationships is the concept of relationships.​

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