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"They don't like to ask questions.

They like to dictate".

This is how a young hi-tech manager, whom I have been accompanying for the past few months, described to me the conversation he had with his manager.

The background: many departures recently. The organization is under pressure. The senior manager ordered the managers under him to hold conversations with the people, to be on the pulse.

So the manager of my consultant, let's call him H., invited him for a conversation. A conversation he had no idea how to conduct.

And H.? He sees what is happening around him, the train that had been traveling for a long time stopped at the station, the doors opened and quite a few decided to get off at the station. And it makes him ask himself questions. And he also receives quite a few offers.

I asked him: What do you want to happen?

And he answered: I actually want to stay there.

But there are some things that are important to me that happen.

What matters to him if it happens, I will leave that between us. Just saying that it has nothing to do with salary and conditions.

And his manager missed that. Because as he said: "They don't like to ask questions. They like to dictate"

And I will add: sometimes it's not that they don't like to ask questions. They just don't know.

How to ask so that the employees will talk.

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