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Among the users of 2talk kits are:

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What do they say?

"Listen, your tool - it's just genius! This idea that the employee selects the questions - works great!"

(VP of Research and Development, Biotechnology Company).

"We now completed 3 hours! Instead of an hour and a half! It was perfect! Your magic cards did the job. Barriers were broken, the conversation was open, we laughed and also learned. Fascinating!" (summary of a round-table activity in Miami, with 2talk cards).

"G. had conversations with her team and with B. this morning and you don't understand how it opened them up, they were blown away by it! She says they are full of crazy energy all day!" (Lilach, VP of HR Targetcall)

"This year in mid-term discussions, it was important for us to give the stage to the employees, and bring them to a state in which they feel comfortable bringing up the issues that are important to them.
Yifat Vanunu Lupo's 2Talk cards were excellent for this purpose.
We asked the managers to allow the employees to choose questions that they wanted the manager to ask them, and in fact, that way the employees could select the topics that were important to them to give rise to the conversation they wished to discuss.
In the process, we held workshops for managers and trainings for the employees. Most managers connected and felt the workshops were different, innovative, and they liked the idea and the new framing of the conversation.

A week and a half ago we set off with excellent conversations and feedback, both from the managers and the employees. It appears that using the cards created more meaningful and deeper conversations that gave rise to topics that would not have come up without using the cards; also, the communicative and open managers had discovered new things about their employees.

The managers felt that the employees were more open and sharing, and a good atmosphere was created, which led to meaningful dialogues."

Keren Moskovich, VPHR Guardknox.

“Hi Yifat dear, the team's responses to the workshop are amazing!
Many thanks for a fascinating, enriching, and educational workshop that connects us to the strongest foundation of relationships - good and open communications.

The cards and questions are amazingly accurate! A powerful and professional tool that is important for every manager. Some photos from the workshop ❤️ Many thanks Tal”

​Tal Verbner, CEO of Hito

Some more organizations - the organizational consulting customers
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