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Managers personal consulting 


A personal consulting process for the manager, including a series of consulting meetings  1*1 with the manager, the purpose of which is to help him develop managerially, to lead managerial moves and deal with diverse managerial issues. 

The personal consulting process consists of a series of 1.5-2 hours personal meetings with the consultant.

Manager development process



The new world of work, characterized by the reality of VUCA, (that is, a reality of volatility and constant change, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) which has increased even more since the outbreak of the covid-19 and caused many changes in the world of work. You no longer need the office to work, you no longer have to meetin order to hold a meeting. What was true yesterday is not necessarily true today and certainly not tomorrow, and the world brings us changes and surprises on a daily level, starting with a lack of spare parts and ending with the war between Russia and Ukraine, which affect us all in one way or another (due to the complexity of the global world). All of these invite diverse challenges and challenges for the managers in different organizations...




Over the years I realized that organizational success is largely based on the quality of relationships in the organization: relationships between managers and employees, between teams, between interfaces and more. Conversation is an important skill in our ability to successfully manage communication and relationships. The contemporary work environment poses quite a few managerial challenges in this regard...

team development



In today's working reality, most of us work in teams.

Our ability as a team to work together in cooperation, critically affects the ability of the team and the organization to succeed, that is, to exhaust its capabilities and achieve its goals...

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