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About Sinai, a cute boy and a lesson about success (by Yifat Lupo)

Warm sun caresses my face. I am sprawled on the endless sand. The waves crash onto the shore. Quiet. peace. Pleasant. rest.

In the background, distant sounds of talking and children playing. Sinai shores...

A conversation between a mother and her son cuts through the background noises and gains focus.

The mother is lying on the hammock, resting, enjoying the silence.

The little boy is trying to take down the ball that is hanging on the column. he does not reach it.

 He asks his mother to drop the ball for him.

Mom doesn't feel like getting up from the hammock. I understand her. It was a long time ago, at a time  when I was not yet a mother myself. Long before. And yet even then I understood her. Who feels like getting up from a beating?

I listen to the conversation with lazy patience. Still, Sinai... but the dynamic catches my attention.

The child begins to complain. Asks again: "Mom, help me get the ball..."

The mother, swinging in a hammock. In absolute calm she answers: "Try, you will succeed."

The boy tries again. can not do it. Almost in tears he turns to his mother again.

I'm a little less peaceful. Come on, come on already. Give him the ball.

The mother in a calm voice: "Stand on your tiptoes, get really close. You will succeed."

The boy stood on tiptoe. getting really close.

and succeeds.

Wow, what a lesson! What a masterpiece to drive to success!

Sometimes you do the right thing, not always for the right reason...

And yet: faith, encouragement, intention and self-experience leads to an experience of enormous success. Especially in places where you feel there is no chance.

Did I say קmployee motivation?

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