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What do you need from me as a manager to be successful?

This is one of the most important questions that a manager should ask his employee from time to time.

such manager:

1. Expresses interest and care.

2. Demonstrates managerial courage.

3. Learns and understands things.

4. Creates positive and good communication between himself and his employees.

If these and other questions are questions that you would like to be asked in your organization, you are invited to the introductory webinar with the 2talk workshop and concept, on 16.11.22 at 10-11.

תמונה מנהל לינקדאין.jpg

In the webinar we will talk about several things:

Guided by Yifat Vanunu Lupo, senior organizational consultant and developer of the 2talk concept and kits.

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I want to register for the webinar!
(No charge)

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