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Family Meal? An holiday evening? Extended family reunion? Just a nice evening at home?

2talk family cards - an opportunity for a conversation with value, for family bonding and a shared experience

and you even pay less than for a family cinama tickets! 

(*** Currently available  only in Hebrew)


Touch the cards and try

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(valid until 30.9.23)

The 2talk in the family cards We developed after the success of 2talk kits for managing  organizational relationships. We discovered that, like us, the 2talk kits users community also enjoys using the kits not only at work, but also at home, with the children and the extended family.

So we sat down with the children as well as their friends, and asked them to take part in formulating the questions. We wanted to know what they wish to be asked at home, and we got beautiful and exciting ideas.

You will meet those ideas here in the 2talk in the family kit, along with additional questions.

we wish you meaningful conversations in the family.

Because there is nothing like a family, and you need to nurture the bonds in the family (and in general).


The Lupo family

ועכשיו, במבצע סופשנה מיוחד לצוותים חינוכיים!

קנה.י 3 ערכות 2talk במשפחה לייט, קבל.י את הרביעית חינם!

וגם - משלוח חינם ברכישה של מעל 300 ש"ח.

קוד קופון: sofshana2024

What's in the 2talk family kit? (*** Currently available  only in Hebrew)

  • 60 cards, divided into 6 categories (let's get in touch, remember that...?, father is ashamed, here we dream, talk about feelings, selfie).

  • In each category 9-14 question cards, in different degrees of depth.

  • "Joker" card with which you can ask any question that comes to your mind.

  • User manual. 


how to use?

Actually - as you wish.

Still  here are some options:

One option:

All the cards are spread out in a shuffle on the table, face down (that is, you don't see the question). Each one in turn picks up a card and answers the question listed in it. You can continue the activity until you finish all the cards, or after a predetermined period of time. Hint* According to the color and the number of children appearing in the illustration, you can tell what the subject is and the degree of depth in the card.

second option:

 All the cards are placed on the table, with the questions visible. Everyone chooses a card with a question they want to answer. Then each person in turn answers the question on the card. The rest of the family members are invited to go deeper and take an interest in what was said.

Third option: 

Each person in turn chooses a card with a question for another family member, hands him the card and lets him answer. It is important! Make sure that everyone in the family gets a card.

Great gift for the holidays, especially for the family and with tremendous added value, that will last for a long time! And now, in a special offer  for organizations. For  more details please contact us 972-503565313 


I want to hear more!

Happy for your interest! We will contact you soon

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